A regulatory and planning-based system of managing surface water and groundwater resources for rural and urban use that aims to optimise economic, social and environmental outcomes. 

The level below which the ground is saturated with water. It is the division between the subsurface region in which the pores of soil and rocks are effectively filled only with water, and the subsurface region in which the pores are filled with air and usually some water. 

Weeds identified as a threat to Australian environments based on their invasiveness, potential for spread, and socioeconomic and environmental impacts; 20 plant species are currently listed as WONS. 

The life quality and satisfaction of people and communities, comprising:  

  • health 
  • living standards 
  • community and social cohesion 
  • security and safety 
  • freedom, rights, recognition and self-determination 
  • cultural and spiritual fulfilment 
  • connection to Country and nature.