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Figure 1 Annual rainfall during (a) 2016–17 compared with historical records, 1911–2017; (b) 2017–18 compared with historical records, 1911–2018; (c) 2018–19 compared with historical records, 1911–2019; (d) 2019–20 compared with historical records, 1900–2020
Figure 2 Murray–Darling Basin rainfall percentiles compared with the 1900–2019 long-term average, January 2017 to March 2021
Figure 3 Australian drainage divisions and river regions
Figure 5 Water storages in the northern Murray–Darling Basin, Copeton and Argyle, 2010–20
Figure 6 Australia’s groundwater resources, showing generalised hydrogeology and the location of some iconic groundwater basins
Figure 7 Trends in groundwater levels from July 2015 to June 2020 for (a) upper, (b) middle and (c) lower aquifers
Figure 8 Groundwater level in Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer, 2014–20
Figure 9 Groundwater level in Tindall Limestone Aquifer, 2014–20
Figure 10 Total annual change in aquifer volume in the Daly River region at 30 June 2020 compared with the previous 8 years