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Figure 01 Australia’s rainfall anomaly in 2019–20 and the trend in the national level of water storage since 2010
Figure 02 Timeline of major events affecting air quality since 2016
Figure 03 Maximum PM2.5 (fine particulate) concentration in capital cities, 1999–2019
Figure 04 New sea ice forming near Casey Station in Antarctica
Figure 05 Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
Figure 06 Number of threatened species subject to one or more threats
Figure 07 Threatened Species Index plant populations (1995–2017), mammal populations (1995–2017) and bird populations (1985–2017)
Figure 08 Threatened fauna, from left to right: thick-billed grasswren; Carpentarian rock-rat; painted button-quail
Figure 10 Strong Peoples – Strong Country framework, grounded in Traditional Owner values, showing the connections between Country, people and culture