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Figure 1 Nine languages with more than 1,000 speakers in 2016
Figure 2 Indigenous language centres and programs
Figure 3 Documented colonial frontier massacres, Australia, 1788–1930
Figure 4 Indigenous organisations’ standardised water holdings per catchment in the NSW portion of the Murray–Darling Basin, as at October 2018
Figure 5 Indigenous data sovereignty enacted through Indigenous data governance
Figure 6 Koinmerburra, Mackay region, 2006
Figure 7 Cairns storm tide inundation projections for (a) 2050: 1-in-100-year storm tide (2.13 metres) + 0.27 metre sea level rise and (b) 2100: 1-in-100-year storm tide (2.13 metres) + 1.14 metre sea level rise
Figure 9 Native title claims and determinations
Figure 10 Extent of native title determined to exist across Australia’s land and seas, at 16 June 2021

NSW = New South Wales; NT = Northern Territory; Qld = Queensland; SA = South Australia; Vic = Victoria; WA = Western Australia

Note: All determinations (exclusive and nonexclusive) shown for those jurisdictions in which native title exists (Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory are excluded).

Sources: NNTT (2021), Llewellyn (2020)