Authors and acknowledgements


Headshot of author Graeme Clarke
Dr Graeme Clark
Dr Clark is a Senior Research Associate in the Centre for Marine Science and Innovation at the University of New South Wales. He has a background in coastal and marine ecology, working in diverse environments from the tropics to Antarctica. His research focuses on marine biology, invasive species and impacts of human activities on coastal ecosystems.
Headshot of author Mibu Fischer
Ms Mibu Fischer 
Ms Mibu Fischer is a descendent of the Noonuccal, Ngugu and Gorenpul clans of Quandamooka. Ms Fischer is an early career marine ethnoecologist within the multi-use ecosystems tropical coastal group, in CSIROs Oceans & Atmosphere, having joined CSIRO as an Indigenous Cadet in 2009. She graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Marine Science and Management before completing a Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management from Charles Sturt University in 2016. Ms Fischer is an Aboriginal scientist with engagement skills for strengthening partnerships between First Nations communities and the research sector. Her specific interests are around Traditional Knowledge (science) and management practices being considered within modern day fisheries, ad in coastal and conservation management. She joins with other Indigenous and Traditional practitioners to strengthen the global Indigenous voice and leadership in areas of marine research and coastal Indigenous livelihoods. Her goal is to bridge a gap that draws attention to the Indigenous communities facing the frontline of impacts and changes to coastlines, ecosystems and livelihoods from climate change impacts.
Headshot of author Cass Hunter
Dr Cass Hunter  
Dr Cass Hunter is a descendent of Kuku Yalanji and Maluiligal nations. She is an Indigenous social ecological research scientist with CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere in Cairns. Cass leads research on collaborative environmental design, useability and uptake of tools, research translation, and development of participatory tools to support sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems. For over a decade, she has engaged with many inspiring Indigenous young people, rangers, leaders, educators and scholars. Her focus is on building our national and international networks of Indigenous practitioners to share and develop learnings to place Indigenous people at the heart of environmental and economic co-design and advancements.


Academics providing written contributions in the form of assessments or case studies are considered contributing authors on this chapter. In alphabetical order these were: Derek Ball, Neville Barrett, Melanie Bishop, Robbi Bishop-Taylor, David Booth, Michael Bradley, Matt Brien, Allison Broad, Sally Bryant, Ana Bugnot, Tristan Campbell, Marnie Campbell, John Church, Beverley Clarke, Catherine Collier, Tom Cresswell, Katherine Dafforn, Claire Davies, Andy Davis, Kingsley Dixon, Martina Doblin, Norman Duke, Mark Eigenraam, Ruth Erikse, Jason Everett, Jo Fearman, Thomas Fellowes, Emily Fobert, Julia Fortune, Yusuke Fukuda, Jordan Gacutan, Sam Gaylard, Leah Gibbs, Bronwyn Gillanders, Will Glamore, Tim Glasby, Peter Goonan, Alana Grech, Diana Greenslade, Rachel Groom, Gustaaf Hallegraeff, Mitchell Harvey, Nicholas Harvey , Marcus Haward, Chad Hewitt, Alistair Hobday, Neil Holbrook, Yuko Hood, Pat Hutchings, Sam Jack, Theresa Jones, Michael Joyce, David Kennedy, Kieryn Kilminster, Nathan Knott, Valeriya Komyakova, Paul Lavery, Jaz Lawes , Emma Lee, Randall Lee, Leo Lymburner, Amy MacIntosh, Jock Mackenzie, Catriona MacLeod, Helene Marsh, Sarah Martin, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Carlo Mattone,, Mariana Mayer-Pinto, Reiss Mcleod, Graciela Metternicht, Ben Milligan, Angela Moles, Dorian Moro, Andrew Moss, Rachel Nanson, Barbara Norman, Barbara Nowak, Falen D Passi, Kylie Pitt, David Reid, Patrick Reis Santos, Anthony Richardson, Wayne Rochester, Jeff Ross, Stephen Sagar, Neil Saintilan, Peter Scanes, Justin Seymour, Marcus Sheaves, Janine Sheaves, Craig Sherman, Andrew Short, Neil Smit, Kristen Splinter, Craig Styan, Iain Suthers, Laurence Taplin, Ursula Taylor, Bruce Thom, Mandi Thran, Rowan Trebilco, John Turnbull, Ian Turner, James Tweedley, Adriana Verges, Ana Vila Concejo, Joanna Vince, Maria Vozzo, Nathan Waltham, Michelle Ward, Michael Warne, James Watson, Michael Weston, Colin Woodroffe and Xuebin Zhang. 

The authors would like to thank Cygnet Repu, Mabuyag Elder, for his time and expertise with contributing the language statement at the start of the Coasts chapter.  We would also like to thank the Indigenous practitioners from around Australia who contributed their learnings and views around sea Country management.