Ngana ngulkurrduku kujinka kuljinga minya. Ngananga jalun bana ngurrkurr bajaku. Ngananga wawu ngulkurrduku kujil ngananga yarrka-yarrkangka kudamun kangkaday. Kaday nganjinandamun binalmangka bamandamun. Nganjin wawu-jirray kanbalanji binalbungka 

We got to protect the reef and the animal’s life.  It’s important, our Sea Country. We need to look after it for the next generation. Come learn our way of life, the Indigenous way. We love sharing that with others.

Lizzie Olbar and Marie Shipton, Dabu Jajikal Elders
Our oceans are home to a great diversity of species and marine ecosystems, from the nearshore to the abyssal plains, and the vast open-ocean habitats between the surface and the sea floor. Our oceans provide ecosystem services that underpin our wellbeing, support valuable marine industries, and hold deep meaning for all Australians and especially the Traditional Owners of Sea Country.  
Key Findings
Find out the main messages of the report. Each chapter has 10 key points that summarise the findings of the chapter.
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Outlook and impacts
Where are we headed? Understand the outlook of our marine environment, based on how it is tracking now and how we are managing it. Also find out how recent changes will affect our health and wellbeing.
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How are the different aspects of our marine environment tracking? Explore the condition of Australian marine habitats, species and ecosystem processes.
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What are the pressures on our marine environment? Identify the main climate, human and industry pressures on our oceans and find out how they are affecting environmental health and our own wellbeing.
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How effective is our management of the marine environment? Discover the main environmental management interventions and actions, and how well they protect our environment and minimise the impact of pressures.
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Chapter resources
Find out about the chapter authors and their analysis approach, the artwork appearing in the chapter, and the available supplementary material.
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