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Figure 1 Annual mean temperature anomaly (difference from the 1961−90 average), 1910–2020
Figure 2 Trend in mean temperature, 1910–2020
Figure 3 Long-term climate records at Deniliquin, New South Wales, for (a) annual average maximum temperature and annual average minimum temperature; (b) the total annual rainfall (bars) with 11-year running mean
Figure 4 (a and b) New tussock, Carex tereticaulis, growth through burnt Carex. (c) Unburnt C. tereticaulis new shoots after rain
Figure 5 Sea surface temperature trends in the Australian region: (a) 1910–2020; (b) 1980–2020
Figure 6 Temperatures in 2019 compared with average for 1961–90
Figure 7 February sea surface temperature anomaly (1961–90 baseline) averaged over the Great Barrier Reef region, 1900–2021
Figure 8 Australian rainfall trends: (a) 1900–2020; (b) 1960–2020
Figure 9 Timeseries of annual rainfall (anomalies from 1961–1990 mean) with 11-year running mean for (a) south-eastern Australia; (b) northern Australia; (c) south-western Australia; (d) the Murray–Darling Basin
Figure 10 Number of days when the Australian area-averaged mean temperature was above the 99th percentile