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Figure 1 Level of concern over pressures affecting the coast, as reported by Australian coastal local government areas
Figure 2 Assessments of the impact, trend, outlook and management of pressures to the coastal environment, by Australian coastal local government areas
Figure 3 Assessments of the condition of coastal environmental components, at local, regional and national scales

Note: National assessments were provided by academic domain experts, while local and regional assessments were provided by Traditional Owners and local government areas. Points are jittered to show that some quantities were measured many times.

Figure 4 Assessments of the condition, trend, outlook and management of environmental components as determined by Australian coastal local government areas
Figure 5 Examples of contrasting Australian beach systems and sediment budgets

Source: Thom et al. (2018)

Note: Reprinted from Ocean & Coastal Management 154, BG Thom, I Eliot, M Eliot, N Harvey, D Rissik, C Sharples, AD Short & CD Woodroffe, National sediment compartment framework for Australian coastal management, 103–120, Copyright (2018), with permission from Elsevier.

Figure 6 Coastal dunes depend on beaches for sand supply and stability (Towterer Beach, south-west Tasmania)
Figure 7 Three decades of coastal change across Australia based on the satellite-derived Digital Earth Australia Coastlines dataset
Figure 8 Evolution of width of sand features at Southport Lagoon (Tasmania) and Bribie Island (Queensland), 1988 to 2018
Figure 9 Hamersley Inlet, southern coast of Western Australia
Figure 10 Percentage burned area by bioregion (Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia), showing the impact of the 2019–20 megafires in south-eastern Australia