Where the outputs of a process affect the process itself. 

Frequency, intensity and timing of bushfires. 

A generic term for Indigenous peoples; this is not specific to Australian Indigenous peoples and can be applied to describe Indigenous peoples from other countries (e.g. Canada).  

The measure of the amount of specific type of fishing gear used on the fishing grounds over a given unit of time (e.g. the number of hauls of a beach-seine net per day). 

The pattern of water flow through a river. 

Interconnected food chains; a system of feeding connections in an ecosystem. 

The fraction of an area (usually a pixel for the purposes of remote sensing) that is covered by a specific cover type such as green or photosynthetic vegetation, non-photosynthetic vegetation (i.e. stubble, senescent herbage, leaf litter) or bare soil/rock (e.g. areas that have been burnt resulting in ash/blackened soil). 

Isolation and reduction of areas of habitat, and associated ecosystems and species, often due to land clearing. 

The highest form of land ownership. Land title is held in perpetuity.